Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 4 December, 2006

New BI Suite from Hyperion

From here I read that Hyperion is launching a new BI suite called Smart Space. What is interesting is the way they are positioning it

Other vendors have traditionally focused on serving the needs of the 18% who use BI, rather than creating solutions for the remaining 82 percent.

Hyperion asserts Smart Space will change that.

That sounds identical to the positioning I have heard from Microsoft about their PerformancePoint Product.

  • "Always-on" BI makes the information accessible from the desktop. Once the user has logged on to Windows, information flows to gadgets from Hyperion System 9 services.
  • User-assembled applications using gadgets. Smart Space presents subsets of functionality from Hyperion System 9 to users in the form of gadgets.
  • Instant collaboration lets users to work with peers and share BI. This environment uses an auditable instant messaging system that operates behind the firewall. Conversations can be saved and associated with different decisions.

All sounds familiar but Microsoft are doing it in Sharepoint.

I think that this is another case of the major players re-aligning themselves in response to Microsoft entering the market. It will be interesting to see if Hyperion can price their product to reflect  their strategy.



  1. Panorama Software has announced something that is along the same lines called NovaView Live.

    the idea there is that BI is avaliable as “personal BI” components that are avaliable as a task pane in Outlook and any other office application as well as the new side bar in Vista.

    the interesting approach there is that users will be able to drag and drop any metric / KPI from any report directly to their Personal BI component and keep track of the metrics they really care about….
    it’s more than just gadgets, it’s fully functional metrics.

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