Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 20 December, 2006

Exporting Reporting Services sub reports

Thanks to David Francis for this tip on how to ensure that sub reports’ data is exported when exporting to CSV or XML.

I haven’t come across the requirement to do this but a good tip to know.



  1. HI i wanted to upload the subreport in main report and make it to visible true or false depending on certain conditions.

  2. Go to subreport properties and Go to the visibilty tag in sub report and put in the expression what condition you would like to use for hiding like
    =iif(Parameters!CostCenter.Count >1,true,iif(Parameters!PostingCode.Count >1,true,iif(Parameters!EntityID.Count >1,true,iif(Parameters!Activity.Count >1,true,false))))

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