Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 19 January, 2007

PerformancePoint Newsgroup notes – so far

I have been keeping an eye on the PerformancePoint CTP1 News groups and looking for bits that may help.

It seems that most of the issues are around the install process as one would expect for a product at this stage and one that has a 35 page install guide.We are told that the installer is undergoing some changes which will  help

Changing display format of currencies in KPIs.

Seems this is not currently available but this  has been noted. The way to do it is to define it in Analysis Services and this will then be carried through.

Attaching documents to a workflow.

You can achieve that, linking supporting document to an assignment. In
BModeler once you have created an assignment, select the assignment, and on
the right panel select supporting document, then select the link "Select
supporting document(s)" to add a new document.

Note that to see the link you may have to collapse all the above panel
screens using the (^^) arrows.

There is of course loads more including some debates as to the best way to associate multiple time dimensions to a measure.


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