Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 7 March, 2007

New Charting tool for Dynamics Nav from Microsoft Research – DynaViz

On Channel 9 there is an interview from Microsoft Research’s TechFest.

In it there is a demo of a new interactive charting tool called DynaViz that Microsoft Research Vibe team have come up with for the Dynamics Nav (Formerly Navision) suite. It includes lots of dynamic interactions with the graphs morphing from one chart type to another and segments being dragged around to reorder them.

Apparently this component is going to be available as a Windows control, Active X and WPF component.

It certainly looks nice and certainly gets Rory Blyth, the interviewer excited but in terms of improving data visibility I am not sure how much it brings to the suite especially with all the other tools like ProClarity and Excel 2007 in the Microsoft tool box. Mind you it does demo very well, with lots of wow and it is nice to see Microsoft Research getting involved with the Dynamics teams and it will hopefully be the first step to some more new approaches to business functionality.

The full video is here.

I have cut it down to just the demo here.

The Teams’s website is here.


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