Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 21 March, 2007

Convert Crystal Reports to SQL Reporting Services

This post is pointing out the release of a tool from KTL Solutions that it is claimed can convert Crystal Reports to SSRS.

I must confess I am skeptical given the very different approaches the products take to report building and in fairness there are no claims of total conversion. However, it is claimed that it can cope with SQL expressions, running totals, charts, sections, groups and summary fields and it works with Crystal Reports files from v9 through v11.

I dont have Crystal installed anywhere or any report to test it against but it could be a useful tool for a migration.

Crystal Converter



  1. You may want to check out this site, too.

  2. I am looking at BI for our environment. We have MOSS 2007 in place and was looking at something to replace Cognos. We have ProgreSQL. With that what would you recommend, crystal reports or sql reporting?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Ken is right. For .net SSRS is better option than Crystal reports. It is easier to use and can be better integrated with .net code

  3. Rene: I am a .NET developer and I have a hard time recommending CR to anyone. If you are creating components in a .NET environment (Visual Studio, .NET framework) CR is just a trail of tears. The problem is with the deployment and installation of CR components … you deploy them on a server and they just don’t work … I have to believe SSRS is the future of .net reporting. The feature set is not as rich right now, but it can’t work any worse than CR. Also, consider 3rd-party .net reporting vendors like DevExpress and Telerik. They have some very feature-rich .NET components that actually work with .NET.

  4. I would like to know about crystal report modification.

  5. accuracy over 90%, and about $100 each

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