Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 10 March, 2008

Do people buy databases

A conversation I have had recently has lead me back to a conversation I had with someone on the SQL stand at the Microsoft World Wide partner conference. The stand representative asked me “How do we get more people to buy SQL Server”

My answer then was “You dont, people buy applications” I think that the release of SQL Server Data services is just reinforcing this and Dave Campbell’s video shows this.

Where SQL Server has always scored and is continuing to score is in making it easy to build applications and people buy Applications. My contention is that business decision makers are far less interested in the supplier of the database than they are in the cost/functionality of the application. Where SQL has and is scoring is that it makes the building and running of these apps easier and cheaper.

The big question is how fast the SQL Data Services can grow against the Amazon/Google offering and how well this can be integrated and made transparent to the developer.

The whole data world has come out of the polarized  doldrums and is now a fully competitive world again.

Bring it on!


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