Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 18 April, 2008

PerformancePoint Service pack

Whilst on the subject of service packs I have read from the excellent blog of Patrick Husting that PerformancePoint should be getting a Service Pack.

The comments indicate that this should RTM in May with 300 fixes.

I know that the feature set that will form the V2 release is now in coding and work is  going on to firm up the specs for V3 so there is a clear commitment from MS to drive the product forward. Will they get there?


Needless to say the guys from Adatis are well ahead of me and also have a link that shows that PerformancePoint will be supported on Windows 2008.


Nick Barclay has pointed to Peter Eb’s Blog which also confirms the SP1 release and some key changes to the way that the Excel add-in works with MDX (Where clauses are in On Pages are out)



  1. […] Charlie Maitland and Patrick Husting mentioned earlier here and here, PerformancePoint Server Service Pack 1 provides a number of features and fixes. Here are […]

  2. […] There is also a service pack due out for Performance Point soon according to Charlie Maitland’s blog. […]

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