Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 23 April, 2008

Microsoft Mesh – The good the bad and the Very scary!

I am starting to get to grips with the announcement from Microsoft of their Mesh Cloud platform for sharing files desktops and data.

The good is that it seems to be a way of unifying a lot of disparate services that have been available before (FolderShare  Live Drive etc). It also opens up a whole new set of possibilities for building disconnected applications with a low TCO.

The bad is that it seems to still be a bit disconnected from the other MS announcements about computing in the cloud such as SQL Services Data Services.

Now the scary:

I see today that EMI are suing a company for allowing users to upload their music to the cloud and then download it to another machine. Now I may be missing the finer legal points but it seems this is exactly the same service that the “Mesh” allows.

I also have concerns when the On10 video proudly says that it traverses firewalls and NATS. Fine for home users but how does this leave an enterprise admin trying to secure corporate assets?


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