Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 22 September, 2008


<Shameless plug>

One of the many good points of working for Aspective is that we are a part of the Vodafone group.

This means that we have access to some very powerful mobile solutions and I am hoping that I can work towards explaining how this can fit into an overall solution. I am not just looking at mobilising CRM as Ten Digits and CWR have that space well covered but I am also looking at the impact of the explosion of ultra mobile netbooks as well as the issues of data security.

I have to say that the implementation of the “Netbook” could have a HUGE impact on how we deliver solutions and information to the wider workforce and this is a theme I will come back to once certain NDA’s have passed.

</Shameless Plug>

PS if anyone wants to send me any shiny kit I will of course be happy to look at it from a business perspective 😉


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