Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 8 October, 2008

Microsoft BI Conference

I have been following the announcements that have come out of the Microsoft BI conference that is going on at the moment. There is a whole raft of incredibly good stuff coming out which I wont cover off here as well (See Chris Webbs blog for a good starting point )

I do tend to agree with Chris’ and others points that end user BI (A major theme of the conference) has been a holy grail for a long time but with it comes as many issues as solutions.

I do also love this post from Mick Horne on his “interesting” route to the conference and his registration / welcome experiences

What was particularly disturbing on this occasion was that there were people there filming it. Has the world gone mad? Who in their right mind is going to watch a feature length documentary of overweight geeks chatting to each other about SQL Server? It would be some kind of snuff-movie-in-reverse whereby anyone unfortunate enough to watch it would be so bored that they would be unable to get out of their seat and eventually die as their neural functions shut down at the sheer horror of it all.



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