Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 13 October, 2008

Microsoft Gemini

Chris Webb has a final round up of some views on this new project that was announced at the BI conference. I particularly like this quote:

"Where is the single version of the truth in this architecture? I’ve just spent 4 years of my life trying to convince users to stop using Excel as a data store and here are Microsoft positively encouraging it. Hell will freeze over before this capability is used responsibly in most organisations".

I have little to add but I do think it is highlighting a view that I came across frequently when working in the Microsoft BI space namely that the development of BI at Microsoft is becoming more and more detached from real world deployment.

This view first came to my attention in the fiasco that was the SQL 2005 SP1 to SP2 transition. At first I dismissed this but the more I wrestled with the quirks the more I wondered.

I now wonder if this is another example of the left hand not getting what the right hand is doing, much like the gaps between the work the Excel team do and the SQL team do.


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