Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 14 July, 2009

Keynotes and Culture

Firstly a disclaimer. I am not at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans and this post is based on watching the live streaming video the mileage of those present may vary.

Now I know that Microsoft is a US company and the conference is being held in the US but the onsite audience is made up of worldwide partners and the internet audience was defiantly worldwide and in this context seeing Allison Watson standing imageon stage on her own grinning like someone had taped back the sides whilst doing Hi 5s with partners to the sound of Tina Turner’s “Simply the best” Just didn’t travel  at all well. In fact when you saw the reactions of the partners you could easily guess the US and non US award recipients.  (With the exception of the guys from Content and Code but they are super smart and creative so I will excuse them;)


So in future Microsoft when you are scripting a show that you will be inviting a world wide audience to view it would help if you could turn down your natural over enthusiasm it just comes across as false and does not help the message.

And now back to the positive views on the content.


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