Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 17 July, 2009

SharePoint 2010 wish list

I was pointed in the direction of SharePointBuzz from Mauro Cardarelli and the most recent post asks “What’s on your SharePoint 2010 Wishlist?”

Now I am NOT a SharePoint developer nor do I major in SharePoint consultancy but there are a couple of issues that I have with SharePoint 2007 that I would throw into the pot.

1. Deployment control. As I have said I am not a SharePoint dev but from what I have seen and heard from those that are the process of managing deployments between Dev, UAT and Live environments is a PIG.  A simple mechanism for rolling up changes from one environment and deploying them to another would reduce a whole level of pain.

2. A well thought out multiplexing licensing structure.

I have ranted about this:

Here Here and Here

SharePoint Enterprise trumpets its capabilities around the Business Data Catalogue, reporting, KPI and web parts for other Microsoft line of business applications. However, what is NEVER mentioned in the literature is that SharePoint users who wish to make use of these capabilities will also need licences for the underlying application. This multiplexing catch dramatically kills the majority of such deployments.

What we need is a simple Enterprise + Applications licence that allows businesses to leverage all the features of SharePoint AND their other Microsoft Applications.  Otherwise they are expecting companies to have to purchase licences worth many thousands of pounds for each user, which is simply not cost effective.

For example if a company wants to roll out SharePoint Enterprise so that users can search and view reports and KPIs from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, and occasionally  check on orders being processed through Commerce Server then each user needs:

  • A SharePoint Enterprise CAL
  • A Microsoft CRM CAL
  • A Microsoft NAV Cal
  • A Commerce Server CAL

We need Microsoft to realise that when viewed from the outside world they are not a load of separate business units and that companies want to be able to use SharePoint as it is designed to be, a universal central repository for information and tools.



  1. The deployment framework will get a major overhaul, and gradual deployments and versioning will be supported. I just blogged about it this morning:


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