Posted by: Charles Maitland | Saturday 18 July, 2009

In Memoriam Henry Allingham

Henry Allingham has died today. He was the worlds oldest man at 113 and one of the last 3 surviving combatants of the first world war.

Now there have been many thousand words said about him today. Some real, some “political” but in flicking through the slide deck at the BBC I was taken by a couple of quotes.

He has 5 Grand Children, 12 Great Grand Children, 14 Great Great grandchildren and one great great great grandchild. (That is immortality)

He puts his spirit and longevity, jokingly, down to Cigarettes, whisky and wild women.

Most telling of all

Asked how he would like to be remembered he said:” I Don’t. I want to be forgotten. Remember the others.”

May I live to achieve 10% of what the giants whose shoulders I stand on have achieved. CM


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