Posted by: Charles Maitland | Saturday 18 July, 2009

Outlook 2010 and Microsoft CRM

Larry has been brave and done both an upgrade and a clean 64 bit install off both Outlook 2010 and the MSCRM add in.

Once it came up, I looked for the familiar CRM tool bar and Outlook menu item. Not there. Darn! then I saw the ‘Add-Ins’ item in the new Outlook menu. Clicking on that presented a new ‘ribbon’ which displayed what looks a lot like the old tool bar. The CRM menu was also there. I exercised it a bit and everything seemed to work. Again, this are my VERY first experiences. I haven’t had much stick time so far.

Ok this flags something significant up. I hope that by the RTM timeframe the CRM team get the toolbar working in a more native manner. Dumping it in the “Add-ins” ribbon just wont cut it. That’s where SalesForce ends up.

Larry then tries a clean install of the 64 bit offline client on a Win 7 machine but it fails. I am not too surprised that a 64 bit beta on beta scenario fails but I will be having a go with the 32 bit deployment scenarios at the end of the week. (VPC is 32 bit only 😦 )



  1. …a clean 64 bit install off both Outlook 2010 and the MSCRM add in…

    How can this be done? There is no support for Office x64.

    MS Says:
    “64-bit versions of Office 2010 will not be supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.”

  2. Yeah, where are the bits for CRM Addin for Office 2010 64bit? As I don’t see how its possible to install on office 2010 64 bit

  3. Interested in knowing what you installed as well, as far as I know no 64-bit support for CRM 4.0 plugin.

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