Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 11 August, 2009

Now with added Office 2010

Just done an install of Office 2010 onto a VPC to kick its tyres.


My very first impressions are that it looks a bit bleak all in grey but that may just be the default theme.


Outlook does however look great with the new ribbon and I am sure that the Dynamics CRM team will be able to promote the CRM buttons onto the home ribbon and not off on the add-ins tab where they look rather lost.


It is also noticeable that the CRM colour schemes don’t really fit with the light grey look.


Anyway more later as I find it



  1. How you managed to install CRM outlook client to office 2010.
    For me, instalation procedure fails after:

    Setup failed to determine whether a supported version of Microsoft Outlook is installed.

    • Sorry I cant help much there. I went for the quick and easy route and just threw the Office 2010 installer at the demo VPCwhich has the CRM client installed. The Office 2010 installer offered to do an upgrade and I let it. This pulled the CRM client in with it. If I get any further I will post my results.
      I would also keep an eye open on what Larry Lentz Twitter @CRMLarry is doing as I believe he was doing more in depth testing

    • I’ve found a solution for this issue with our RTM 32bit version of Office 2010. When you’re in that window with the error, right click in your taskbar on the installation wizard icon and choose for “close window” (so don’t use the cancel button). The wizard will then ask for conformation, choose yes and the wizard will continue installing..

      strange, but worked for us.


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