Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 14 August, 2009

Moving Files into SharePoint and the MetaVis Technologies

I read an interesting piece from Bob Mixon on his strategies for moving files from network shares to SharePoint.

I like his approach for managing complex Taxonomies.

For smaller migrations an approach I have used is to make the network shares read-only at a given date. Then when a user opens a document and edits it they have to save it back to SharePoint.

This has worked well where there was a lot of redundant and invalid documents polluting the network share and allowed users to migrate the current relevant documents as part of their normal work.

After a specified time the documents in the network share can then be archived off.

One other key part of Bob’s post was the availability of a product suite called MetaVis.

This looks to be a really powerful SharePoint architecture tool that looks like it could be a massive  advantage in getting a SharePoint project up and running quickly and correctly. Defiantly something I will be looking at when the right project comes along.


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