Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 25 August, 2009

New marketing for Microsoft Gemini – Scary

Thanks to Cori for pointing to this page which has a marketing video on the Excel 2010 Gemini addin.

“There are 25 international offices that use different databases, spreadsheets, reports and feeds!”

“How am I supposed to bridge the gap between our accounting and sales databases!”

“thankfully help was at hand!”

“Smoothly bridge corporate systems”


I am sorry if I am being negative this does nothing to sooth my concerns about the end use of of this product.



Sorry for the shout.

If Microsoft are pitching Gemini as being a way to produce a nirvana of reporting especially across systems then when users pay for it and start using it there will be one of 2 results; Either they will fail and blame the product or they will produce results that are as accurate and trustworthy as my prediction of the next lottery numbers!

Wrangling this data is HARD. Just ask Chris Webb or the people at Precision Point. just getting accurate analysis results from a single system can be taxing.

Please Microsoft lets keep it real!


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