Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 2 September, 2009

A big change in the Dynamics AX X++ development model

I am watching this video from Channel 9 on how the Dynamics AX team are moving X++ into the .NET world.

X++ is the bespoke Domain Specific Language (DSL) that is used within Dynamics AX or Axapta as it was when I was briefly introduced to it’s concepts. It had loads of really cool features that have since come back into the mainstream with the re-emergence  of DSLs in general and LINQ. It was also very closely coupled to the underlying application that resulted in very robust code.

The video is showing how they are moving the product out of the confines of the closed AX world and introducing the capability to work in the managed world of .NET so they can leverage the scalability of things like the Garbage Collector and widen the audience of developers.

This shows me 2 things; The AX world is about to get much bigger and the design decisions taken many years ago for such a modular DSL  are really about to pay off.



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