Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 17 November, 2009

Another PDC another world to try and stay on top of

Well the technology treadmill has started turning again with the Microsoft PDC kicking off.

So far these are the new things I have picked up from my blog and twitter feeds.


Via @JamieT RT @bertcraven: Odbc and OleDb are dead. Long live OData.

#OData hmmm a MSFT web tech … will it live on like AJAX or die like Live Clipboard???

So it seems that this is something more than just another data access technology. One to dig into as it seems to be related to some of the Microsft CRM V5 demos.

Just found this from @marcholmes

RT @anguslogan: NICE! "we’ve been working wiht google and yahoo on OAuth WRAP"

May be related?


This is a large set of data sets that Microsoft will be making available to developers.

From Channel 9

built completely on the Windows Azure platform that enables developers and users to access premium commercial and reference datasets and content on any platform

Needless to say these seem to be totally US centric. However, it is in beta so maybe by release time it will have a wider reach. I fear that given the totally locked down mentality of the UK government to data that there wont be much of real use for the UK, but we can dream!

@jamiet sums it up

RT @craigsmusings: "Dallas" + PowerPivot == yummy #PDC09 Me: YES! Absolutely, v v intersting!!

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

This is clearly the new mantra. There have been a whole host of announcements about the Azure platform and tools to make developing cloud applications easier and faster.

Whilst this is important it is not directly relevant to my world. That said I can see that there will be a number of ISV solutions that will plug into MSCRM and other LoB applications that will leverage this concept.

If this does take of as an enhancement and augmentation platform then partners and Microsoft need to work hard and fast to establish clear T&Cs that work outside the US boundaries. They also really need to get to grips with the licensing and multiplexing issues that will be arising very soon. (Sorry, this is a high horse I get onto at any available opportunity!)

RT @WindowsAzure: Project Sydney will enable you to connect existing services running in your data centers with Windows Azure cloud

Right off to do some real digging and find that CRM V5 demo online.


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