Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 19 November, 2009

xRM – Now I get it, and it works


Ok I have to start this post with a confession. Up to now the whole xRM tag has left me dry. It has been focused on the concept of “managing any relationship”. Now, with all due respect to the Microsoft marketing team, any CRM professional has been doing this for YEARS. I cant remember the last pure play Sales and Marketing pitch I did.

However, I watched the CRM Version 5 demo that was given at PDC and I cant say exactly why but the introduction piece and then the demo made a number of pieces click into place.

This is not really about entity relationships. It is about moving MSCRM from being an application into a platform and a real platform for the business space. Some of the key tag lines I picked up on are:

  • Solution = Model and run time services for xRM lifecycle management
  • Components are a much broader set of features can include plug in in components as part of solution package including registration
  • Extending the solution eco system
  • multiple hosting options

This is directly opening up the Microsoft CRM space to a whole Microsoft developer eco system that will be a direct competition to Salesforce’s AppExchange, whilst leveraging all the competitive  advantages MSCRM has.

So if you have not watched the video and are interested in how Microsoft are planning on laying into the competition go watch.



On a slightly negative note I do wonder what the implications are for the partner community are, but more on that when I have digested my thoughts.


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