Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 2 December, 2009

Linkpoint Vue – A nice looking add in for MSCRM

So what is LinkPoint Vue? (See disclaimer at the end of this post) Well from the view I have got from the web site it is a very nice add in to Outlook that when you click on an email, task or appointment in Outlook it shows you a sidebar with everything pertaining to that contact or account. This gives you a one stop shop view of everything, including custom entities, that are related to that contact.

I would recommend viewing the video demo and the product information as it looks like this tool has significant potential for power users and also for high volume users.

It also has some interesting additional features:

  • Add, Edit or View Contacts or Leads directly in Microsoft CRM.
  • Add, Edit or View any Opportunity, Case or related data directly in Microsoft CRM.
  • Record an Email to a Contact, Lead or any related data in Microsoft CRM.
  • Create a Case directly from an Email in Microsoft CRM.
  • Call a Contact or Lead using Skype, Vonage or other VoIP applications.
  • Get directions to the Contact from Google.
  • Create a vCard from a Contact or Lead.
  • View Data from Social Networks or external Applications

Now I am not totally sold that, with the exception of possibly email to case, these additional  features are compelling business drivers, but they are nice additions with tangential business benefits.

Purely based on the video and associated information I have some initial questions that I will need to resolve when I install it:

  • Performance. Just how hard is this tool hitting the web services every time you view an email?
  • Activities. I must confess that I am not a fan of separating different activities into their type. It may work in high volume environments but in every case I have encountered a 360 view of everything is preferable.
  • History. In the documentation and video there does not appear to be any History tab. I hope that this is just something I am missing

Overall from the public facing information, this is something I will check out next week. (Client work permitting of course 🙂 )

Oh one other thing – it comes with a price tag that makes it a very easy offering to include. $60. Not budget busting and justifiable.


Product Overview (PDF)

Product Overview Video

Product Evaluation

A disclosure or 3.

  1. I was pointed to this MSCRM Add in by an email from Glenn Lehner of Linkpoint who emailed me that it may be of interest.
  2. I believe that my company may have, in the past, proposed or used other Linkpoint products, in particular their LinkPoint Connect tool for using Lotus Notes with MSCRM.
  3. I have no other interest or involvement in the company or its products.


  1. excellent find – thanks. during this slow week, i had time to kill and tried it. i love the email-to-case feature. so easy and effortless.

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