Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 8 December, 2009

Performance tuning in Microsoft CRM – Just what can we do?

I was interested to read this post from David Jennaway on the capabilities available in SQL Server to trace the performance of queries implemented by Microsoft CRM.

Now when I started writing this post I was all indignant that David’s post was showing examples of queries that were referencing the base tables and not the FilteredViews.

However, when I really read the post I realised that he was showing what MSCRM is doing under the hood and was in fact totally correct.

However, I do have one major question. If you do use the SQL Trace capabilities and find a bottleneck, what can you do about it? As far as I am aware messing with indexes and query execution plans is not something that is supported, though I stand to be corrected.

Clearly this is something I need to get to grips with, especially as it has an impact on a current assignment.



  1. It is supported to add additional indicies and plan guides to improve performance.

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