Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 31 January, 2011

Moving back to my roots.

Well today was my last working day at Vodafone and on the 1st of Feb 2011 I will be joining ConsultCRM as a Pre-Sales Consultant.

So why ConsultCRM?

Ever since the re-organisation at Vodafone-Aspective (more on that below) I have been chatting with other Microsoft Partners, both formally and more frequently informally. Quite apart from finding out if they had any openings and if they even liked me I was trying to get a feeling of how they were gearing up for the MSCRM 2011 release and the massive changes to the traditional business model for Microsoft Partners that was about to start.

Once I had got over the first 2 questions (frequently No on one or both counts Smile ) I was astonished at the number who hadn’t really, IMHO, got how the changes were going to impact on their business model. I even had one practice director tell me “We don’t see the 2011 release changing much. Companies will still need our services and online will be fine for the small end of the market but not our clients!”. Sorry, wrong answer!

When I spoke to ConsultCRM, it was immediately apparent that they had not only thought about the impact of having MSCRM online, the App store and the wealth of opportunities Dynamics CRM 2011 offers but they were also actively taking steps to take advantage of the new world of opportunities. They didn’t have every answer but it was clear from the conversations that they had considered the questions in some depth and were willing to flex to meet an unfolding market.

So why the move?

As many in the UK Dynamics CRM world know Vodafone bought a company called Aspective who were leaders in the CRM and Field Service Management fields. After the purchase Aspective went on to win the Global Dynamics Partner of the year award in 2009 and had built up one of the best teams in the UK.

Unfortunately, Vodafone, despite their global size, was not immune from the fiscal stress that every organisation has faced and needed to rationalise their operations. The result was a significant number of redundancies which included a number of very good people and this resulted in the dilution of a number of very strong teams. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what Vodafone did and why they did it but it was a very bleak time.

As part of this upheaval I transitioned into the Pre-Sales team in Vodafone who specialise in their secure connectivity and managed services portfolio. In this I was very fortunate to land in a very professional team who accepted a strange Microsoft Enterprise Applications geek and did everything they could to induct me into the world of mobile security, BES and smartphone security. However, my heart was still with MSCRM and as I learnt more about what was coming in 2011 and I played with the CTP builds I realised that I had to make the choice between the Vodafone world and the Microsoft World. I decided that the Microsoft CRM 2011 world was where my heart lay.


I would like to state on record my thanks to the Vodafone Pre-Sales team for all their support, assistance, training and understanding. It was a very informative and fun time.

I cant wait to being a productive contributor to ConsultCRM and the MSCRM world and not just a follower from the side-lines.

Here’s to a great 2011 and beyond.




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